Marital Issues

Individual Counseling for Marital Issues

Is your marriage unsatisfying? Is it filled with repetitive, unproductive arguments, or with feelings of loneliness? Are you unsure of whether to stay or go in this relationship? If you would like to talk this out with someone who will understand how this feels to you, relationship issues are one of my specialties.


Many people ask, "Can I change my relationship without couples counseling?" One thing I know for sure, you can't change anyone else, only yourself. I believe that you can, in some cases, change your relationship by changing yourself. We can look together to see if there is anything you would like to change about how you relate to your partner, perhaps better limits or better communication are possibilities.


Couples Counseling for Marital Issues

Do you and your partner fight about the same things day after day? Do you lie in bed wondering if you are in the right relationship? Do you want it to work out, but don't know how to begin?

I help couples learn how to enhance their ability to connect with one another. It is possible to rediscover what attracted you to one another. When trust has been broken by disappointment, hurt, and anger, it is possible to repair the damage done. When trust is rebuilt it can become even stronger than it was before.

Communication is vital to your relationship. We all want to be with someone who knows and likes who we are. I can help you and your partner to uncover the issues that separate you, and to build a relationship based on understanding and compromise. You’ll both learn proven ways to break your destructive patterns of behavior and improve your relationship.




Sometimes, there are situations where no repair is possible, trust is too long gone. The next inevitable step may be divorce. Or perhaps divorce has been thrust upon you? In either case, even in the best handled divorce, there is enormous emotional upheaval.


Going through the divorce process has been described as a “crazy” time. Your moods may vary greatly, from relief to heartbreak, anger, fear, disappointment. Divorce affects your self-esteem, your lifestyle, your emotional health, your kids, your family, your finances, you name it!


People create a “crisis” where the normal ways of coping just aren’t adequate to get them through this stressful time. Therapy helps you learn a new group of coping strategies that you can use to help you cope more effectively.


Many challenges exist when it comes to divorce. How to stay on an even enough keel to keep on working or parenting while on an emotional roller coaster? What is the best way to deal with your ex when having to co-parent in the best interest of our children?


Support and Recovery

You need people to talk to. Going through the divorce process wears out not only you, but, your friends and family as well. People who care about you mean well, but, may tell you what you want to hear or repeatedly say the wrong thing. They may lack objectivity because they care about you so much, or are so angry at your soon to be ex-spouse.


Consulting with a therapist gives you a place to air all your feelings, thoughts, and fantasies  in a confidential place. You can say anything and everything and count on being understood without judgement or criticism.  I offer my clients my objective perspective and support. Being able to work through the feelings, being able to stand back and take a long look at the situation, and getting proven advice on how to handle certain things can really make the difference in how you cope with this traumatic time of life.


Therapy helps you discover that even with this serious loss, there is opportunity for personal growth and future happiness. Everyone going through divorce can benefit from counseling during or after the divorce process.